Simply Nothing Tour Episodes 1 & 2

   For anyone who knows me, or has checked out the About Me section on the blog will know that I'm a big Wale fan, and furthermore that the name for my blog in inspired by his popular mixtapes, "The Mixtape About Nothing", and, "More About Nothing".  It only seems right that as we countdown to the release of "The Album About Nothing" on March 31st, that I keep up with any updates from Wale about the album and his tour, the "Simply Nothing" Tour, which is currently traveling state to state around the US.  Todays update features Episodes 1 and 2 of the "Simply Nothing Tour" video series that has been following Wale as he travels around the US to perform on his "Simply Nothing Tour". 

   Check out Episodes 1 and 2 from the "Simply Nothing Tour" and stay tuned for more updates on "The Album About Nothing" and videos from The "Simply Nothing Tour".

Episode 1

Episode 2