Nike Air Foamposite Pro PRM

      To many collectors, the Nike Air Foamposite is a classic that dates back to Penny Hardaway's days in the NBA. Whether you remember Mike Bibby giving us the first look of the original Foamposite One dark neon royal color-way back in his days on the Uconn basketball team or seeing Ray Allen sport the Foamposite Pro in the "Pearl" make up, there is no denying both Foamposite models have stood the tests of time and deserve the classic status they've been given amongst collectors. 

Pictured above is the 2011 retro of the Nike Air Foamposite One in it's original Dark Neon Royal colorway. Picture via Flightclubnyc.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro in the White/Black/True-Red colorway, most commonly referred to as the "Pearl" foams. Picture via Flightclubnyc

      Fast forward to 2010, the heads of Nike Basketball decide it's time for a retro run for both, the Foamposite One and the Foamposite Pro models.  2010 marked the beginning to a very successful run of solid colored make-ups on the Foamposite One such as the Varsity purple and black make-up commonly referred to as the Eggplant foams. Nike followed the up the eggplant release with a great run of colorways on the Foamposite One which included both the metallic pewter and copper pairs  which were followed up by a 2011 retro of the original dark neon royal Nike Air Foamposite One. Nike seemed to be taking the Foamposite line in the right direction, as many of the new colorways were an instant hit amongst many collectors. We continued to get our fair share of nicely done Foamposite One colorways along with the re-introduction of the Foamposite Pro, which is almost identical to the Air Foamposite One except for the small swoosh implanted into the lateral side of the sneaker. Starting with the original "Pearl" makeup of the Foamposite Pro, Nike brought the Foamposite Pro back with a slew of colorways that were well received once again by many collectors.

     The demand for Foamposites was at an extreme high and in February 2012, the demand came to a peak when Nike introduced it's Galaxy themed line-up for the 2012 All-Star game in Orlando. When Nike introduced us to it's Galaxy themed Foamposite One the response was overwhelming. Nikes first shot at using a printed graphic on the Foamposite upper was a major hit, enough of a hit to cause riots in Orlando which ultimately lead Nike to cancel the release of the entire Galaxy collection at the All-star weekend festivities. 


The Nike Air Foamposite One "Galaxy" seen above often sells at retailers such as New Yorks, Flight Club for well over $1,000. Picture via Flightclubnyc

      With the popularity of the Foamposite line reaching an all time high after the release of the Galaxy Foamposite, Nike continued to release a range of colorways on both Foamposite models, many of which were well received. Soon thereafter is where Nike decided to turn back to the idea of printed graphics on the Foamposite upper, according to many, including myself, this is where the Foamposite line took a turn for the worse. From there on out, it seemed like Nike was releasing a wildly-themed, graphic printed Foamposite every chance they got. From the "fighter jet" themed makeup to the "Asteroid" themed rendition, Nike was pumping out the colorways that sported wild graphics printed on a foamposite upper.  Fast forward through a few terrible Foamposite releases that featured yet another wild graphic print and you find yourself here in September 2014, on the brink of yet another terrible Foamposite release that sports an upper featuring Nikes now overused graphic printed upper.  With the MSRP of both the Foamposite One, and the Foamposite Pro models reaching an all-time high at $250, one must ask when enough is enough, when will Nike actually give us a new Foamposite colorway that is not only well-received by the majority but one that warrants the $250 price tag. While I understand that there are people who do indeed like these newest printed renditions of the Foamposite, I feel safe saying the majority of collectors and fans of the Foam series are disappointed by the direction Nike has gone with this once extremely popular line. While I can commend Nike for taking a step outside of the box and trying new things, I'd say that it's about time to put an end to the madness and shelf both the Foamposite One and Foamposite Pro. Do us all a favor and take the Foamposite line away for awhile, bring it back a couple years down the road with some new ideas and fresh colorways. Nike is well known for taking it's most popular items and beating them to death with over-production and less than mediocre colorways and I just plead that Nike with not continue with these painful releases of hideously colored Foamposites and make strives to return the Foamposite line to its original glory.

     For those who are continued supporters of the newest Foamposite renditions, Nike is back at again with yet another pair that sports an upper featuring a graphic printed over the beloved Foamposite material. The newest rendition pays homage to the always popular Air Jordan Retro  3, which has sported a cracked elephant print since it's introduction back in 1988. The newest Foamposite offering from Nike utilizes an elephant print graphic overtop an all grey upper, the shoe also sports a hot pink translucent outsole along with hot pink accents throughout the sneaker. 

What are thoughts on Nike's newest Foamposite Pro offering? Will you be in the market for a pair when these release exclusively at on October 4th, 2014 for $250?


The Nike Air Foamposite Pro PRM "Elephant Print".  Picture via sneakernews.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro PRM "Elephant Print".  Picture via sneakernews.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro PRM "Elephant Print".  Picture via sneakernews.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro PRM "Elephant Print".  Picture via

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