Photo - Laurence Deschaine, Thacher Park, NY. 

So who exactly is Jordan Keyser?

  I'm a twenty-something Upstate New York based Photographer that is passionate about 2 things, Sneakers and Photography.  My love for photography started back in my teenage years on the mountain with friends, I always wanted to be taking pictures and filming my friends when we were out riding.  It started with Snowboarding, expanding outward to skateboarding, and eventually reached far beyond.   After putting the camera down for a few years, about 2 years ago back I was browsing my instagram feed when I found what I thought looked like a good deal on a Nikon DSLR camera and had just enough money to grab said camera, and I did exactly that.  That new camera refueled my passion, and got me back out there doing what I love to do, taking photos.  With all my free time being spent outside with my camera, I thought creating my own site, and more spefically a blog to update anyone and everyone who may be interested in following my work.  Its been a long time in the making, but finally, here we have  

Please feel free to explore the photos and blog posts, Enjoy.